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High 108° Death Valley, CA
Low 25° Bodie State Park, CA
Precip 1.65" Cape Canaveral, FL


The equinox occurs when the direct rays of the sun are over the equator. At that exact moment the days and nights are nearly equal across the globe. Autumn officially begins in the Northern Hemisphere at 10:29 p.m. EDT on Monday Sept. 22.

This Day In Weather History

Washington, D.C. (1980)
The high temperature hit 90 degrees for the 67th time in 1980. Never before had there been a year with so many 90-degree readings. The previous record was 59 days in 1966.

Redding, Calif. (1991)
Record high of 104 degrees; the previous record was 103 degrees in 1964.

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