Weather News

  • Spring Snow Reaches Duluth, Minneapolis

    Apr 16, 2014; 5:40 PM ET

    A mid-April snowstorm will focus on the northern Plains and Upper Midwest through Thursday, spreading snow from the Dakotas to Ontario.

  • Harrisburg: Warmup, Sun to Return Late Week

    Apr 16, 2014; 5:28 PM ET

    After a nearing record lows early this week with temperatures dropping into the 20s, temperatures will increase gradually as the week pushes forward.

Daily U.S. Extremes

past 24 hours

  Extreme Location
High 88° Thermal, CA
Low Land O Lakes, WI
Precip 0.71" Chatham, MA


The daily normal temperature makes a steady upward climb during March and April. However, there are temporary setbacks. As a result, a graph of daily temperatures for this period is not a smooth upward curve, instead there are plenty of daily ups and downs as the air mass warms and cools with passing storm systems.

This Day In Weather History

Boston Harbor (1851)
Famous Lighthouse Storm -- great tide whole gale destroyed Minot Lighthouse and its keepers; tide exceeded a staggering height of 1,723 feet.

Ohio (1990)
A 93-mph wind gust, the strongest gust at Will Rogers Airport in the last 24 years.

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